1. At the inaugural Ship Owners Summit (the Summit) held in Accra Ghana from 10th to 12th April 2012. Delegates at the summit made, inter alia the following recommendations to African Countries.

    1.1 Affirmed a need for establishment of an Association of African Ship owners;

    1.2 Develop and implement transhipment and transit shipping systems, particularly to create outlets for landlocked countries;

    1.3 Establish a Maritime Development Fund/Bank;

    1.4 Promote Intra-African Maritime Trade;

    1.5 Encourage implementation of Cabotage within African countries and regions; and

    1.6 Encourage Africans to participate in the movement of trade of African commodities;

    1.7 Recommended a meeting of the African Ship Registrars be held October 2012 to discuss the harmonization of the Continent's Ship Registration Regulations with a view to promoting sustained growth and development of African merchant fleets''.

    1.8 Delegates at the summit set April 2013 for the second Annual African Ship owners Summit. And noted Nigeria's interest to host the event.

2. The summit was attended by delegates from Ghana, Benin, Nigeria, Kenya, Regional Maritime University, MOWCA,RMU,NIMASA , ACAS, NCS, West Coast Business, Nigerian Chamber of Shipping, Sealink, AMDAC, PPSL, Kenya Maritime Authority, GCCI and South Africa.

3. The Secretariat was directed to meet all African maritime interest to introduce the new Continental initiative, seek their support and mobilise participation at the 2013 summit.